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Case Study: Dignified Motors Makes Driving Accessible
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  View in HTML What do you do if you own a beautiful truck but one day find yourself a wheelchair user? Dignified Motors answers that kind of question every day. See how an...more
Case Study: FCI Watermakers
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View in HTML Question: What do a yacht owner, an island resort, and a Las Vegas chef have in common? Answer: They all need a reliable source of good fresh water—and they all count on...more
Seconds since midnight
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Do what when: In last week’s blog we covered how to set the real time clock (RTC) in a PAC Controller with an accurate time server over the Internet using SNTP. Now that our controller knows exactly...more
How to set the clock on a PAC Controller
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What time is it? Do you know what time it is? Does your SNAP PAC controller know what time it is? Are they the same time? Who’s right? In this week's blog we are going to talk about this big ball of...more
Understanding SSL/TLS and HTTPS
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Two keys for secure communications: What are SSL/TLS and HTTPS? You may have heard them being used on the Internet, and you have more than likely used them when logging into your bank, but what are they...more
OptoNews: IoT Defined - OT and IT
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If you've heard much about the Internet of Things (IoT) or Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), you may have heard the terms OT and IT. What do those terms mean? And why do we hear that OT and IT are "converging"? Let's take a look.
groov View Maintenance Technical Note
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What is groov View maintenance, what happens when it expires, and how do you renew it? This technical note answers all your questions about groov View maintenance. This document applies to...more
Mini case study: Dignified Motors makes driving accessible with groov EPIC
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Innovative engineer turns to Opto 22 to power an EPIC Chevy Silverado lift system Download case study pdf What do you do if you own a beautiful truck but one day find yourself a wheelchair user? Chances...more
Sneak preview for you: New Opto 22 website now available
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Let us know what you think. Come check out our new website at This is just a preview of what's coming—a chance to try out the new features and locate the new homes of the information...more
OptoNews: New video - Diving deep with James Cameron
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In 2012, explorer and filmmaker James Cameron did what no one had ever done before.  He piloted a one-man submersible to Challenger Deep at the bottom of the Mariana Trench, the lowest spot on earth, 6.8 miles (10.9 km) below sea level.
Getting the most out of groov View
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New interactive demo illustrates many of the features and capabilities of the groov View HMI software. From pumps and processes to production data to the weather, your world is full of things you need...more
groov RIO mini case studies
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See what people are up to with Opto 22’s new edge I/O module. groov RIO has been available for a few months, and people are already surprising us with how they’re putting it to work. Here are a few of...more
OptoForums Top 5 for 2020
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See what Opto users were talking about as we look back at last year's Top 5 posts on the OptoForums. There is no question that the Opto 22 forums are very much alive and kicking. The past 9 months of...more
OptoNews Tip: Top 4 tech tips from 2016
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Did you miss any of these technical tips? Now's a good time to review some automation basics—and look ahead to new technologies in our field. Accuracy and resolution. Specifications for both of these...more
New groov EPIC case study features seawater reverse osmosis system
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FCI Watermakers improves large-scale seawater reverse osmosis system design with groov EPIC. Question: What do a yacht owner, an island resort, and a Las Vegas chef have in common?Answer: They all need...more
Do we need anomaly detection, when we already have alarming?
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One of the main promises of the IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) is advanced data analytics. As I research what exactly this means and look for use cases, one thing that comes up often is anomaly...more
TPO on groov RIO
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Learn more about Time Proportional Output (TPO) and how you can use it on the groov RIO edge I/O module. Do you need to control a digital output from an analog input? If so, perhaps TPO is the solution...more
Stacking groov gadgets
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More information in less space.        It is amazing how sometimes similar applications can come back to back….Last week's blog came from a customer asking how to measure the main power grid frequency....more
New video: Cybersecurity out of the box
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Watch and learn what it means to have a secure industrial controls system. Industrial automation has long been known to carry cybersecurity vulnerabilities at the levels of both technology and practice...more
OptoNews Tip: Compare SNAP PAC controllers and brains
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It's easy to get confused between Opto 22 SNAP PAC controllers and SNAP PAC brains.  They're both intelligent processors for automation, some of them look alike, and there's even overlap in what some...more
Building a secure Wifi network
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Top 5 Myths for Securing a Wifi network If you want to use a mobile device in your automation system, you are going to need to use Wifi for the simple fact that most mobile devices do not support a...more
Allsky astronomy camera
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Star Struck: From a young age I have been looking up at night. Not sure exactly when I fell in love with astronomy, but I can recall looking up at the stars every chance I got as a kid. I have ebbed...more
Product Update News - First of 2021
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Firmware and software updates were released this month to help you get the most from your groov systems. January 2021 started off with some important new releases from the Opto 22 engineering team...more
groov EPIC Security Series, Part 5: Encryption and Certificates
Blog - Published:
Go on, admit it. At some point in your life you've written down a password on a piece of paper in clear text. Anybody walking by can simply glance at your note, and they'll know what your password is...more
Visualize the Internet of Things
Blog - Published:
All this talk about the Internet of Things... but what does it really mean to you and me? At the Internet of Things North America conference this week in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Opto 22's Ben Orchard...more