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Applying security updates in groov Admin prevents access to groov App
Knowledge Base - KB83238 - Published:
If you apply security updates in groov Admin and then try to access groov App, a window appears asking for the license file. If you choose a valid license file, the following message is displayed: "Error...more
groov Admin update v47 fails (or Ignition Edge Status "is in an unknown state")
Knowledge Base - KB87053 - Published:
If you attempted to upgrade to groov Admin 1.570.47, you may see: The upgrade succeeds, but when you look at the System Information page, the groov Admin version is less than 47...more
Applying security updates in groov Admin prevents groov Admin from loading groov App updates or restoring to defaults
Knowledge Base - KB83293 - Published:
groov App displays a message that asks for a valid license file, as follows: "When searching for a valid license-file, one or more errors were encountered: The license is not valid because it has been...more
Node-RED Admin in GROOV-AR1: cannot upload SSL certificates with Firefox
Knowledge Base - KB86540 - Published:
In Node-RED Admin running on a GROOV-AR1, you can't upload a certificate file with Firefox. You will not see any obvious error messages, but the debugger console will list an error: "ReferenceError: event is not defined"
Can't open groov View, groov Manage, or groov Admin from Chrome browser on macOS or iOS
Knowledge Base - KB88673 - Published:
When you use the Chrome browser on macOS 10.15 (or newer) or iOS 13 (or newer) to access groov Manage, groov View or groov Admin configured with a self-signed certificate, you receive the "Your...more
The groov logo cannot be hidden in groov View mode on MAC OS and mobile iOS devices
Knowledge Base - KB84098 - Published:
If you uncheck "Show logo in groov View" in groov Build on a Mac, then save all changes and switch to View, the groov logo still displays in View on a MAC and on mobile iOS devices.
groov View fails to launch and recommends installing "groovversion null"
Knowledge Base - KB87136 - Published:
After a power loss, you may be unable to launch groov View. When groov View attempts to launch, it displays a message that starts with:  This groov project was...more
groov Server stops functioning; NoClassDefFoundError exceptions appear in message log
Knowledge Base - KB84879 - Published:
You are unable to access groov Build or groov View using groov Server for Windows. When you open the Message Logs, you see errors similar to this: java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: com/opto22/groov...more
groov gadget text in Internet Explorer 11 does not stay within the gadget's window box boundry
Knowledge Base - KB83665 - Published:
If you use Internet Explorer 11 for groov, in both groov Build and groov View a gadget with text greater than the limit of the gadget's window box will appear outside of the window boundaries...more
Reverting to an earlier version of groov may leave "groov is Loading..." message on screen indefinitely
Knowledge Base - KB84193 - Published:
When you go back from a newer version of groov to an older version, groov may fail to load and the "groov is Loading..." message may remain on the screen.This appears to be an issue with the browser cache.
groov App sometimes incorrectly reports that the project was created in a newer version
Knowledge Base - KB87061 - Published:
Sometimes when  groov  fails to start a project, it displays a message saying the project was created in a newer version of groov (which is not true). The error message reads: This...more
Cannot communicate with groov Admin, groov View and Node-RED on GROOV-AR1; SYS LED continuously blinks green
Knowledge Base - KB87312 - Published:
After you upload a new, valid SSL certificate to the groov Box using the groov Admin SSL configuration page, the groov Box becomes unreachable through groov Admin, groov View and Node-RED, only under a specific set of circumstances.
Upgrading groov Admin to newer version may fail with "Cannot Downgrade Groov Admin"
Knowledge Base - KB87029 - Published:
Attempts to upgrade groov Admin to a newer version may fail with the message: "Cannot Downgrade groov Admin". Updates performed while running groov Admin v46 or earlier might have this problem.
groov EPIC module LED may be red and module may not show up in groov Manage
Knowledge Base - KB88865 - Published:
If the LEDs for 1 or 2 modules on a groov EPIC chassis are red or the modules do not appear in groov Manage, you may be running into this issue. This issue does not affect simple modules (discrete groov I/O modules that provide on/off status only).
groov View for Android app may crash when using the back button after a failed connection
Knowledge Base - KB83759 - Published:
When you tap the back button in the groov View for Android app after groov fails to connect to a connection but prior to the "can't connect" message appears, the groov View for Android app may crash.
If OPC-UA server is unavailable, updating static tags and switching to groov View may cause freeze
Knowledge Base - KB83954 - Published:
In groov Build, if an OPC-UA server is invalid or unreachable and you try to update static tags, groov will be unable to update them. If you cancel the update and then switch to groov View, the software will appear to freeze while loading pages.
groov Manage may crash while watching log files
Knowledge Base - KB88346 - Published:
While you view a log file through groov Manage or have a groov Manage log viewer open in a tab on your computer browser, you may notice messages regarding page timeouts or groov Manage disconnecting.
Uploading SSL certificates to groov Box can cause the Box to become unreachable
Knowledge Base - KB85901 - Published:
After you upload a new SSL certificate to the groov Box using the groov Admin SSL configuration page, groov becomes unreachable.You will not be able to reach the groov Box if the wrong certificate...more
iOS groov View app does not correctly bypass login dialog for groov Server
Knowledge Base - KB83326 - Published:
When you enter a username and password when configuring a groov device, groov View for iOS should bypass the login dialog. This works correctly when connecting to a groov box, but not when connecting to groov Server.
GROOV-AR1 will not boot properly if Wifi adapter is removed before Wifi is disabled
Knowledge Base - KB85024 - Published:
The GROOV-AR1 groov Box can use an optional Wifi adapter, which you can remove after configuring the device and then shutting down groov. However, groov does not properly boot up unless the Wifi has...more
groov does not display "welcome to groov" window and does not restore to defaults
Knowledge Base - KB82937 - Published:
When a restore defaults operation is completed and the hostname or IP address of the groov box is re-entered. The groov box does not proceed to the "Welcome to groov" screen and is not restored to its factory state.
groov View fails to load or does not allow user to log in
Knowledge Base - KB88370 - Published:
On a GROOV-AR1, if the system time is set to a time or date in the past before creating users, groov View does not allow the users to log in, or it shows a blank View page. On older versions of...more
groov may fail to close network sockets on Modbus connection errors
Knowledge Base - KB86775 - Published:
This issue is difficult to see, but you may find that groov is making more connections than necessary to your Modbus device. groov should make no more than two connections to a single Modbus device.
When scrolling in groov View, the page menu and popups are detached from the caption bar
Knowledge Base - KB86091 - Published:
As of groov 3.1, you can freeze the caption bar in Project Settings. If you have not frozen the caption bar, when your users scroll in groov View, the Page Menu and User Menu remain in place. They do not scroll with the rest of the page.
Event triggers using decimal values are not rounded off in groov View
Knowledge Base - KB84794 - Published:
Uisng groov View in Build mode, if you use a decimal value as an event trigger, the value is a floating point that appears in groov View as the nearest possible number; it does not round for clarity.
groov Server for Windows installation fails when trying to install the groov User's guide
Knowledge Base - KB83979 - Published:
When trying to install groov Server for Windows, an error occurs when the groov User's Guide is being installed. The installation fails and you cannot upgrade to the latest version.
The Network Info dialog box for groov Server Monitor is blank
Knowledge Base - KB83584 - Published:
When you right-click the groov Server Monitor icon, then select About groov Server and click the Network Info button, the Network Info dialog box is blank. It should show the Host Name, MAC Addresses, and IP Addresses.
Android groov View mobile app does not remember GRV-EPIC-PR1 login credentials
Knowledge Base - KB88250 - Published:
When you add a GRV-EPIC-PR1 to your groov View mobile app (and configure username and password), the first time you access the groov EPIC processor, you will automatically be logged in and taken to the...more
In groov, clicking on the View Events Status page opens up tab with no scroll bars
Knowledge Base - KB84799 - Published:
In groov Build or groov View, you click the bell icon in the upper right of the screen to see events you've configured. If you click Current Status and then use the page menu to navigate to another...more
After creating or uploading groov SSL certificates, back button leads to broken pages
Knowledge Base - KB83448 - Published:
In groov Admin, after you create a new SSL certificate for groov or upload an existing certificate, the page shows a back button at the bottom of the page that should take you back to the groov Admin...more
Can't assign certain system tags to some gadget types
Knowledge Base - KB88158 - Published:
In groov View Build mode, within the System device, when you try to add the groov/Heap Usage (MB), groov/ groov CPU Usage (%), or Operating System/System CPU Usage (%) tags to some...more
groov default SSL certificate uses an older digest
Knowledge Base - KB85021 - Published:
In the groov Box and groov Server for Windows, the default certificate is generated using an older digest (SHA1). The most recent versions of web browsers use a newer digest. This issue could affect your ability to send email from groov.
Out-of-range Modbus tag address causes groov to freeze
Knowledge Base - KB84754 - Published:
groov Build mode freezes at "Loading Tags..." or groov View mode freezes at "Loading Pages..." This issue results from an out-of-bounds Modbus address, such as an address of 0...more
groov View shows yellow triangle "trying to connect" error on gadget with Data Simulator tag
Knowledge Base - KB85756 - Published:
If you use Data Simulator tags with a Level Indicator gadget to build a page in groov Build and then switch to groov View, you see yellow triangles flash approximately 10-12 seconds after the page...more
Cannot access my groov Box via the hostname
Knowledge Base - KB83966 - Published:
When starting a groov Box, if you try to access groov before the SYS LED has stopped blinking, you might not be able to log in using the hostname. The browser returns an error that says it cannot find...more
After PAC Control strategy is updated, groov View reports tags not available
Knowledge Base - KB88974 - Published:
If you rename tags in a PAC Control strategy and update that strategy in groov View, groov View may continue to try to use the original tag names. Affected gadgets will show yellow triangles and report...more
groov Data Store API reports incorrect errors after free trial expiration
Knowledge Base - KB86546 - Published:
If your groov is unlicensed and your trial period has expired, groov View stops allowing access to a Data Store device. The Data Store API returns HTTP 503 errors ("Service Unavailable") instead of an informative error.
In groov Admin, wireless access point security setup allows incorrect password length
Knowledge Base - KB86343 - Published:
In groov Admin, you can set up the groov Box to be used as a wireless access point. The default security type allowed for the access point is WPA2, but if you enter a password that's an incorrect...more
In groov Server, Backup project doesn't complete the backup if you have unsaved changes and click "Yes"
Knowledge Base - KB84407 - Published:
In groov Server for Windows, when you choose File > Backup Project to Computer, if you have unsaved changes, groov prompts you with this message: "This project has unsaved changes. Save changes...more
In groov Build, the first attempt to update a strategy may not work
Knowledge Base - KB85033 - Published:
If you are using a SNAP PAC controller with groov and make a change to the PAC Control strategy, the .idb.txt file must be updated in groov so that the change is registered. However, in some browsers...more
In groov Admin, cannot set up Wifi when connected via link-local IP address
Knowledge Base - KB84953 - Published:
When you are trying to set up a Wifi connection for the groov Box using groov Admin, if you are connected directly to the Box using a link-local IP address (169.x.x.x) and choose to connect to a Wifi...more
In groov View on a mobile Android device, the gear symbol menu only displays the Refresh groov View option
Knowledge Base - KB84007 - Published:
When in groov View on a mobile Android device, clicking on the gear symbol in the top-right corner only displays the Refresh groov View option. There should also be the options to log in or log out and...more
groov App password reset does not work for account holder
Knowledge Base - KB83429 - Published:
If a groov View account holder forgets his or her password, an admin can go into groov Build and initiate a password reset, providing a temporary password. However, the user is unable to use the temporary password to log in and set a new password.
Error during setup process after groov is restored to default settings
Knowledge Base - KB83259 - Published:
When groov is restored to the default settings after a database has been created in groov with a user account, when you try to create a new account through the setup process, a dialog box may pop up...more
groov may lock up after running fine for 40 minutes (corrupt project file)
Knowledge Base - KB84989 - Published:
After running fine for 40 minutes, groov locks up and becomes unresponsive. When you restart groov and inspect the logs (click the bell icon and choose Message Logs), you see a message like this:2015...more