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OptoDataLink: Selecting "Send Unique Id" without selecting "Single Sample" fails on Access databases
Knowledge Base - KB87200 - Published:
OptoDataLink fails to send data from a table to a Microsoft® Access® database when the Send Unique ID check box is selected but the Single Sample check box is not selected.
OptoDataLink: "Database INSERT transaction failed/Number of values and fields not the same" when Single Sample option isn't selected
Knowledge Base - KB87351 - Published:
If the Single Sample check box isn't selected when the source is an Opto 22 Device table (Edit > Add New Data Link > Data comes from an Opto 22 Device Table) , OptoDataLinkRuntime will display...more
PAC Display Runtime Historic Log may log too many entries when start trigger and number of samples are used
Knowledge Base - KB83011 - Published:
If a PAC Display historic log is configured with a start trigger and number of samples, PAC Display may continue logging as long as the start trigger is in the triggered state, even after the number of...more
Trigger based historic logging may record data once instead of using stop trigger conditions
Knowledge Base - KB57146 - Published:
A historic log set up to start logging based on a trigger may only log data once, even though the Stop Trigger or the Number of samples conditions are not met and logging should continue to occur.
Trigger-based historic data logged twice when configured to log once
Knowledge Base - KB81878 - Published:
Trigger-based Historic Log Point data is recorded twice instead of only once when triggered when configured to log only one sample. The extra data logged is recorded based on the Refresh Time for the...more
In PAC Display Supertrend, switching from historical to realtime view creates discontinuity
Knowledge Base - KB85023 - Published:
In PAC Display Runtime, when you switch from historical view back to realtime view in a Supertrend, there's a discontinuity at the first new point after the switch. It appears that the x-axis for the new point is off (too early) by one sample period.
Invalid serial port value in communication handle command successful on SNAP-PAC-S1
Knowledge Base - KB55187 - Published:
An ioControl communication handle with a reference to an invalid serial port returns a successful status code when used with a communication handle command on a SNAP-PAC-S1 controller. The following...more
Numeric recipe table indices are reset when >2047
Knowledge Base - KB58672 - Published:
If an upload recipe results file with an integer or float table has more than 2048 consecutive elements, and the table is divided into more than one section (group of 2048 consecutive elements), then the...more