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PAC Display Runtime may crash on exit
Knowledge Base - KB90854 - Published:
When exiting PAC Display Runtime (File > Exit or the top right X button), you may encounter an error message explaining that PAC Display must terminate. Once you click OK, PAC Display closes.
PAC Display Runtime may be unresponsive or crash when the ODBC SQL connection is unavailable
Knowledge Base - KB90724 - Published:
PAC Display Runtime Professional may be unresponsive or crash (without an error message or event log) when opening, running, or closing a project that contains an unavailable ODBC SQL connection.
Tag data does not exchange faster than 1000 millisecond intervals in OptoDataLink
Knowledge Base - KB90836 - Published:
When you are configuring the “when” condition for an Opto 22 device in OptoDataLink and set the interval to a value faster than 1000 milliseconds, the tag data may not update faster than once every 1000 milliseconds.
PAC Manager may not accept 12-digit IP address and subnet mask for ETHERNET 2 Interface
Knowledge Base - KB90853 - Published:
On the Status Write page of the Inspect window of PAC Manager, you may not be able to enter an IP address or subnet mask that contains 12 digits (3 digits in all 4 octets, such as for the ETHERNET 2 Interface.
Deleted GRV-R7-I1VAPM-3 may not be properly removed from a PAC Control strategy
Knowledge Base - KB90711 - Published:
When deleting a groov RIO energy monitoring unit (EMU; GRV-R7-I1VAPM-3) from a PAC Control strategy, it may continue to appear in the Strategy Tree. If you attempt to open the deleted groov RIO EMU from the Strategy Tree, PAC Control may crash.
"About" page of OptoDataLink Monitor reports incorrect patch version
Knowledge Base - KB90810 - Published:
If you display the "About" page of the OptoDataLink Monitor (right-click on the OptoDataLink Monitor icon in the Windows System Tray, then select About), you may notice that at the end of...more
Uninstalling one version of PAC Project may result in a communication error with SoftPAC
Knowledge Base - KB90566 - Published:
If you have multiple versions of PAC Project installed (for example, 10.2, 10.4, and 10.5) and uninstall one version (such as 10.2), you may encounter a communication error when attempting to run SoftPAC or SoftPAC Monitor.
groov discrete input channels may lose a value that is a multiple of 256
Knowledge Base - KB90782 - Published:
On some discrete input modules, if 2 or more channels in the same set of 8 channels (0-7, 8-15, or 16-23) are configured with the counting, period, pulse, or frequency measurement feature, you may observe a very rare instance of data loss.
groov discrete input counters may momentarily report a value 256 less than actual
Knowledge Base - KB90762 - Published:
For some discrete input modules, while observing or recording measurements from a channel configured with the counter feature, there may be a scan (or, at most, two) that reports a value 256 less than...more
Some groov discrete input channels configured with On/Off totalization feature may return an invalid measurement
Knowledge Base - KB90757 - Published:
For some discrete input modules, if one or more channels is configured with the On/Off-time totalization feature, when the PAC Control command Get & Restart On/Off-Time Totalizer command retrieves...more
groov discrete input channel may report inaccurate counts or totalization or miss a measurement
Knowledge Base - KB90514 - Published:
For some discrete input modules, if the module is alone or there is no more than one other non-simple module on the chassis, channels configured with counting, On/Off totalization, period, pulse, or...more
Unhandled Exception error when stopping all links in OptoDataLink
Knowledge Base - KB90778 - Published:
When you attempt to stop all links in OptoDataLink Configurator (or from OptoDataLink Monitor in the Windows system tray), you may encounter a Microsoft .NET Framework “Unhandled exception” error.
On/Off-Time Totalization values from groov discrete outputs not updating in PAC Display Runtime
Knowledge Base - KB90755 - Published:
When configuring a Dynamic Attribute object (such as a Text object) in PAC Display Runtime to use a value tag on a groov discrete output channel configured with the On-Time or Off-Time Totalizer...more
OptoDataLink SQL database transaction fails due to "Incorrect syntaxā€¯ error from NULL data values
Knowledge Base - KB90796 - Published:
When you configure a SQL database as a destination in OptoDataLink, you may encounter an Incorrect syntax near ‘)’ message in the error log, and no data will be logged to the destination database.