Training Tutorials

Would you like to have hands-on instruction with PAC Project software (PAC Control, PAC Display, OptoOPCServer, OptoDataLink, and PAC Manager) and Opto 22 SNAP hardware? If you can't come to Temecula for free training, you can learn with our self-paced tutorials.

OptoTutorials provide step-by-step instructions for specific features of PAC Project software, such as PID loop control. These tutorials are designed to be used with a SNAP PAC Learning Center. This fully operational bench kit provides a complete, standalone system for learning how to use a SNAP PAC controller, I/O, and PAC Project software.

If you don't have a SNAP PAC Learning Center, you may still find OptoTutorials useful. They contain general information and in some cases sample files that can be helpful with any application using PAC Project software. Tutorials are listed below.