Opto 22 Founder Bob EngmanOpto 22 was founded in 1974 by engineers who designed a better solid-state relay and chose to build it in a non-corporate, flat organization. And 50 years later, we're still privately held, lean, and run by engineers.

Our flat organization fosters individual responsibility, quick response to customers' needs, and fast development of cutting-edge products.

Open Standards

Opto 22 products are designed to run on non-proprietary communication standards like Ethernet, the Internet Protocol (IP), MQTT, and more.

Open standards and commercially available technologies decrease your cost of automation and open up data for use where you need it.

Over the years we've had a hand in promoting industry standards.

 G4 digital input modules
  • In 1978 we developed the red-black-yellow-white I/O module color-coding scheme, still the standard today.
  • In 1982 we introduced Optomux, which soon became an industry standard protocol.
  • In 1995 we started the OPC task force (later the OPC Foundation) with four other founding members, to develop standards for interoperability among vendors' products.
  • In 1998 we introduced the first commercial Ethernet-based I/O unit.
  • In 2013 we developed the groov line of products built upon open-source technologies, including Linux and Node-RED, with cybersecurity features built in.

Emphasis on Quality

Opto 22 I/O, controllers, and SSRs are famous for their quality and reliability. Customers often comment about their dusty, 20-year-old "Optos" still doing the job in the back of a factory somewhere. With this kind of reliability, we can afford to guarantee SSRs and most I/O modules for life.

Made and Supported in the U.S.A.

Since all our products are manufactured and individually tested at our headquarters in Temecula, California, we control quality from the ground up. So we also give you FREE pre-sales engineering help, free online training, and free product support from experienced engineers.

Your Edge in Automation

Because we're engineers, we know what it's like to lose an idea because it's too hard to implement. Designing and integrating automation systems can be frustrating. We give you an edge in your job with open standards, easy-to-use software, clear documents, and how-to videos.

Garrick Reichert, Pre-sales EngineeringFor industrial automation, energy management, discrete manufacturing, process control, remote monitoring, and data acquisition, let us show you the Opto 22 difference. And don't just take our word for it—read why Opto 22 was chosen as a  Frost & Sullivan Technology Leadership award winner.

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