MQTT: What is it, why would I use it, and how do I get started?

MQTT is an open source publish-subscribe communications protocol. It is lightweight and flexible, was designed for use by resource-constrained edge devices, and has become the most popular IoT-specific communications protocol. Together with the Sparkplug B specification, MQTT can form the backbone of industrial IoT infrastructure. For example, netDNA uses MQTT to provide automation and data communication for trailer-based pumping units in the oil and gas industry.

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What is MQTT?


What is an MQTT Broker?Opto 22 video


What is MQTT? Inductive Automation video



What is Sparkplug B?


MQTT Sparkplug Specification Inductive Automation video


MQTT Sparkplug TahuCirrus Link article



How secure is MQTT?



What's the difference between MQTT and OPC UA?



How do I get started with MQTT on Opto 22 products?


MQTT in groov ProductsOpto 22 User's Guide (pdf)


Get Started with MQTTOpto 22 Video Tutorial


Guide to Networking groov Products
Opto 22 User's Guide (pdf)


Opto 22 User's Guides
groov EPIC User's Guide 
groov RIO User's Guide (pdf)


MQTT RecipesNode-RED website



Developer Resources


Eclipse PahoOpen source, mainly client side, implementations of MQTT and MQTT-SN in a variety of programming languages.

Eclipse TahuSparkplug specification: MQTT Topic and Payload Definition

Eclipse Sparkplug Working GroupInteroperability for MQTT-based Industrial IoT solutions