What our customers are saying...


"We've used Opto 22 systems in many demanding applications including controlling oilfield supply ships, electric ferries, and Trident missle tracking ships. The flexiblity and product support given to an integrator are second to none, and the product reliability has provided many years of good service to all our customers."

- Eric Breen, President, Marine Interface, Inc.

"We've been big fans of Opto 22 for a long time now, so adopting groov EPIC for our core products felt like a no-brainer. With Ignition baked into the firmware, a built-in Open VPN Client, and Opto 22's commitment to security, we selected EPIC over regular industrial PCs."

- Joe Dolivo, Chief Technical Officer, 4IR Solutions

“EVO Integration has used multiple manufacturers of industrial IO throughout the years. We have chosen Opto 22’s groov RIO for our edge devices for one simple reason…it works. Robust, Flexible and Secure!“

- Justin Wall President/Sr. Engineer, EVO Integration

“Using groov EPIC as a PLC gateway is awesome! Compared to many of the IPCs I’ve used, the experience is so much simpler. No programming or messing around on the command line, just point-and-click configuration. This is the ideal way to use Ignition at the edge.”

- Arlen Nipper, Cirrus Link Solutions, President & CTO, Co-inventor of MQTT and Sparkplug

"To establish our state-of-the-art facility equipped with cutting-edge Industry 4.0 features, we made the strategic decision to employ the powerful combination of Ignition and groov EPIC."

- Giorgio Moreno, Automation Project Manager, POK Castings - a Nucor Company

“From a flexibility standpoint, for my money, Opto 22 gave me more bang for my buck...I was able to do just about anything you could do with A-B at a fraction of the cost.”

- Lou Bertha, Principal Engineer, RDI Controls

“groov RIO is perfect being that it’s an edge device and has all the security built in. It's a small add-on, so it's easy to make an option for customers."

- Leslie Martin, Automation Technician, Martins Electrical Services

“Some engine and pump companies are hungry for automation. Some have systems, but they don’t communicate with each other. EPIC makes them talk.”

- Dan Arbeau, CEO, NetDNA

“Opto 22 is at the heart of AIS Gauging’s Measurement and Control Systems. We looked at cost, reliability, longevity, ease of use, programming, and support. Opto 22 topped the list in each category—it was a no-brainer!”

- Glenn Wrightsman, VP Service & Engineering, AIS Gauging

"groov RIO was on the same wavelength as us: built-in MQTT, Linux-based, web interface, and it just seemed more modern than [some other devices] that still require Windows 7... for configuration."

- Eric Cheng, CTO, Intrinsics

“The groov [product] line just cannot be matched in terms of total package of price, connectivity, and capability for 4.0 architectures.”

- Brian McClain, Director of Factory Business Integration, Blue Ridge Inc.

"From Sales to Technical support, my experience [with Opto 22] has always been fast, friendly, and informative-an ideal experience that is hard to find."

- Alessandro Agnello, CEO/Founder, TRUE DATA OPS

"MQTT is less work, so it’s less money spent on engineering time."

- Kevin Finkler, Software Engineer, Perceptive Controls

“True North is excited to partner with Opto 22 on a variety of projects both in and out of the energy industry. Having already worked with an oil and gas operator to develop a control application for use on a [groov EPIC] controller, we see several opportunities where this technology can provide affordable and robust edge compute applications.”

-Jared Hoover, Director of US Business Development, True North Solutions

“We at MAC like to utilize Opto22's groov RIO and EPIC products for our solutions due to their robust functionality, seamless integration capabilities, and reliable performance, which ensure efficient automation and monitoring processes, empowering us to deliver top-quality solutions to our clients.”

– Aaron Freedman, P.Eng., Automation and IIoT Manager, MAC Automation

"Using groov EPIC with Ignition allows us to integrate a wide range of equipment from various countries under a single license, resulting in 60% reduction in costs, all while maintaining a high level of cybersecurity and ease of implementation."‚Äč

- Giorgio Moreno, Automation Project Manager, POK Castings - a Nucor Company

"The fluidity and dynamics of modern manufacturing requires extremely fast response to changing market demands. With groov EPIC and groov RIO, Opto 22 puts dynamic manufacturing data at the edge of the production line and into enterprise systems simultaneously in real time."

-Tom Coombs, Principal Engineer, Northeast Automation Company

"Customer and technical support in 99% of the companies in the world stinks. Especially since COVID changed the world. Thank you for being in the 1% that provides quality customer support and technical support."

- Ron M. AMMB, Inc.

“We’ve made it our best practice, even if we’re using a different PLC, to try to put a groov EPIC as an edge device for connectivity. It solves a lot of issues because it has a lot of software solutions built into it.”

-Jared Bates Regional Manager, Rust Automation & Controls, Inc.

“We disconnected a controller and within a millisecond the system reported the failure. It really is that easy: change a variable and it shows up in the broker, then on your mobile phone,”

- Frank Fisher, Engineering Superintendent, Waterford Township DPW

"I could see the pieces coming together. Opto 22 does an amazing job of teaching people who don't have a programming background."

- Grant Pinkos, President, American Metal Processing

"It’s a big advantage to be able to modify the I/O without having to modify the board or even buy another module.”

- David Counts,  President, Automated Concepts

"The amount of engineering time spent on security does not give Opto 22 justice. They do an incredible job of forcing security [into groov products] without the user knowing it."

- Alessandro Agnello, CEO/Founder, TRUE DATA OPS

“The integration of data and control on a single backplane has been key to dramatically lowering cost, improving uptime, accessing data, and expanding utilization.”

- Jeff Hilpert, President, Engenuity Inc.

"It was really the total package—the combination of price, support, look and feel, and overall functionality.”

- Nick Palozzi, Project Engineer, BlendTech

"It is fun to be nimble, and on the industrial side, I think that’s one of the things [Opto 22] has really helped us with."

- Robert Bodnar, COO, Emerald 66 Enterprises

“The combination of Opto 22 and Ignition is very flexible. I can just keep adding features all day.”

-John Williamson, Owner and President, Farm Data Systems, Inc.


"It's nice to have groov EPIC as the IPC with I/O. It's just simpler...we can do a lot with a little."

- Peter Santoro, Controls Engineer, ALTA

“Opto 22 has a history going all the way back to the SSR. That's the kind of equipment and technology that you want to partner with when you are looking at potentially life-critical systems.”

– Dave Aitchison, Mechanical Engineer, Dignified Motors

“Our goal is to provide something that is powerful and affordable at the same time. After plenty of deliberation, we decided the groov product line could help us achieve these goals.”

– Blayne Allen, Technical Manager,  Edge Controls

“We just plugged the sensors and groov RIOs in and let them go. We had no issues. We were up and running within a day or so, unlike other systems—and they’re reliable.”

– Brian Cook, Research Technologist,  Lethbridge College

“Opto 22 has competitors, but they are unmatched in support, and using products made in the USA is important to our mission.”

–Cody Young, Controls and Automation Engineer,  Mercer Technologies