groov EPIC Configurator

Realtime control and I/O, edge processing, connectivity, and visualization

groov RIO Explorer

PoE-powered edge I/O for IIoT and automation projects. One part number, so many signal options!

SNAP PAC Configurator

Time-tested automation system used worldwide

groov System Configurator (beta)

Configure a system of groov EPICs, groov RIOs, and Opto 22 software.

You can explore the features of the beta release of the groov System Configurator:

  • Configure multiple groov EPIC and groov RIO units.
  • Select software to use within the system.
  • Display the system in a network diagram.
  • Add other network components to illustrate the system.
To save configurations and send parts to the cart, you need to be logged in to a MyOpto profile. Once logged in, you can:
  • Send all parts to the cart; or send individual units to the cart.
  • Manage configurations: save, delete, copy, edit.