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Based on 45 years of manufacturing experience
Designed for the industrial internet of things today


groov EPIC Systemgroov EPIC System:

Your complete solution for the IIoT—or any automation application

Real-time control, connectivity, data handling, and visualization

Opto 22 groov Edge Appliancegroov Edge Appliance:

Plug it in and build your IIoT project

Connectivity, data handling, and visualization in a compact box

groov Server for Windowsgroov Server for Windows:

Add your own IoT software and security

Visualization on any authorized device with a web browser 

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Industrial automation: automated machine

Wire reliable Opto 22 I/O to sensors and actuators, and run your control program locally at edge of network.
More on real-time control 


groov connects to many industrial systems

Connect to Allen-Bradley®, Siemens®, Modbus®/TCP, Opto 22 PACs, databases, online services, and more. More on connectivity

Handle Data

Data from remote assets like tank farms

Wire together devices, databases, online services, and more with simple logic flows. Move, store, analyze data. More on data handling


groov View operator interface on tablet

Easily build your HMI, then view, monitor, and control data from PCs and mobile devices anywhere. 
More on visualization

groov Free Trial
Want to take groov View for a test drive? Get started with the free trial of groov Server for Windows

groov takes 90% of the work out of setting up remote HMI and remote monitoring.

– Gavin Gray, Integrator and machine builder, GG Services (California)


groov Security 


groov Compatibility


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"We got groov EPIC up and running in less than a day. Now when an alarm occurs, the guys get a text or email on their phones. They check out the live status remotely and make an informed decision to come in or not, saving time, money and hassle."
Gregg Martin, President, GMI Instrumentation


See case studies

From 30-year-old wind turbines, to water/wastewater treatment, to eggs and frozen treats, see how customers use groov today. See groov case studies.

Explore groov View

Brew some beer, monitor facility HVAC, go deep in the ocean or out to a wind farm. See groov View operator interfaces in action with the online groov demo.

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Edge Computing in Industrial Automation

Edge Computing in Industrial Automation:
What 3 problems do we have to solve before we can make the IIoT a reality?  Read the white paper.


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Which is best for your application: groov EPIC, groov Edge Appliance, or groov Server for Windows?