Optomux 16-Channel Digital and Analog Brain Boards Data Sheet

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Updated: 12/15/2022

*** NOTE: These products are obsolete and no longer available, due to the unavailability of essential parts.***

Drop-in replacement: The E1 brain board is a drop-in replacement for the B1 and the E2 brain board is a drop-in replacement for the B2. Both the E1 and E2 add Ethernet capability as well as support for multiple protocols, including Optomux, Modbus/TCP, and OptoMMP. For more information on migration, see form 1567, the E1 and E2 Architecture and Migration Overview.

The B1 digital and B2 analog Optomux brain boards are intelligent digital processors that operate as slave devices to a host computer. Each brain board contains a microprocessor that provides the necessary intelligence to communicate with a host computer and also perform control functions at each channel of I/O.