SNAP PAC R-Series Controllers User's Guide

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Updated: 12/15/2023

This user's guide shows you how to install and use Opto 22's SNAP PAC R-series programmable automation controllers. SNAP PAC R-series controllers are on-the-rack industrial controllers. Each controller monitors and controls a wide range of devices and equipment wired to the I/O on its own rack and on distributed racks equipped with SNAP PAC EB-series brains. Alternatively, the R-series controller can be used as a slave to a larger groov EPIC edge programmable industrial controller or SNAP PAC S-series standalone industrial controller.

SNAP PAC controllers are programmed with PAC Control Basic or PAC Control Professional, Opto 22's flowchart-based development software, which is part of the PAC Project software suite.

This user's guide covers the following SNAP PACs: