Case Study: Zendal Group Meets Pandemic Vaccine Demand

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Updated: 02/12/2024

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During the year 2020, dozens of companies worldwide worked to develop vaccines for the pandemic-causing virus SARS-CoV-2, known to the world as COVID-19. Biofabri, a subsidiary of Spanish international biopharmaceutical group Zendal, became responsible for industrial production of the antigen vaccine for most of Europe.

Their task was daunting. Somehow they would have to construct and automate a new fill-and-finish facility during a worldwide pandemic, in a country with one of the strictest lockdowns. Logistics were soon in chaos, with even basic supplies unavailable. Zendal had a variety of older equipment in place with incompatible controllers and individual HMIs. They also had no control over the make or model of PLCs that package suppliers would provide with new equipment. 

And towering over all other problems were issues of cybersecurity. 

Read how Zendal managed to overcome these challenges and more to successfully complete their new facility in time.