groov EPIC Processor Firmware Release Notes

Documents/Release Notes - RM_GRV_EPIC_PR1
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Updated: 08/30/2023

Release notes for the latest update to firmware for the groov EPIC processors (part numbers GRV-EPIC-PR1, GRV-EPIC-PR2). Includes information on new features, enhancements, and bug fixes for each component of the processor: groov EPIC processor firmware, PAC Control Engine, groov Manage, groov View, Node-RED, Ignition Edge®, and CODESYS® Runtime Engine.

Note: This document was formerly called a readme. The name was changed to more accurately describe its content.

To obtain the firmware file:

  1. Log into (Or log into your MyOpto account and click Manage groov in the navigation area on the left.)
  2. Click the Manage button.
  3. Find your processor in the list and click Manage.
  4. Review any important notes listed under Latest Releases before you click on a firmware file to download it.
If you have previously installed a firmware update, use the groov EPIC Update Checklist as a quick guide to review the steps. If you need more detailed guidance, follow steps in the groov EPIC User's Guide