Logging groov Data to Microsoft Excel

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Version: 1.0
Updated: 09/28/2017

This fast and easy sample lets you log data from groov to an Excel worksheet.

If you're comfortable using groov , the enclosed instructions will get you going in five minutes or less. And the Visual Basic for Applications® (VBA) in the workbook will help you write a spreadsheet to log real-time data from your own production systems.

The download zip file includes:

  • A ready-to-use Microsoft® Excel® workbook that gets data from groov and logs it to a worksheet
  • A sample groov project containing a pre-built Data Store and user interface
  • Instructions

Once loaded, the Excel file needs only your groov IP address and API key—and then you can start automated data logging with the click of a (virtual) button.

The Excel file communicates with groov through groov’s RESTful API.

What you need