SNAP-PAC-EB2-W Brain Firmware

File Size: 1524 KB
Version: R10.4e
Updated: 10/03/2023

This download contains current firmware for the SNAP-PAC-EB2-W brain. Current firmware for all SNAP PAC brains and controllers is available in a single download here.

Important: Controller-level redundancy is available in version R9.1 or newer firmware. This replaces both version R9.0 and R8.5 firmware.

Version R9.0 firmware was used only when controller-level redundant operation was needed. For the majority of applications where redundant operation wasn't needed, version R8.5 firmware was used instead. Version R9.1 and newer firmware combines both previous versions into a single version for all products and features.

Note: Several new PAC Control commands added in version R9.1 or newer firmware require PAC Project R9.1 or newer software.

See the README document for information on changes and fixes in the current version of this product's firmware.