SNAP PAC I/O Coprocessor Firmware (Single Download)

File Size: 1573 KB
Version: R3.0a
Updated: 11/14/2017

I/O coprocessor firmware for rack-mounted SNAP PAC controllers and brains (single download).

Not all rack-mounted Opto 22 products have an I/O coprocessor. 
See the SNAP PAC I/O Coprocessor Firmware README for instructions to find out if your device has an I/O coprocessor.

This zip file contains a README file and updates (.bin files) for SNAP PAC products with an I/O coprocessor:

  • SNAP-PAC-R1, -R1-W, and R1-B controllers
  • SNAP-PAC-R2 and -R2-W controllers
  • SNAP-PAC-EB1 and -EB1-W brains
  • SNAP-PAC-EB2 and -EB2-W brains
  • SNAP-PAC-SB1 and -SB2 brains

You must download and unzip this file to access the specific firmware file for your Opto 22 controller or brain.

NOTE 1: The following products manufactured with I/O coprocessors have firmware R3.0a; you do not need to update the firmware in these products at this time:

NOTE 2: If your device is wireless, select the firmware file for the comparable controller or brain. For example, if you have a SNAP-PAC-R1-W, select the file for the R1 controller.