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OBSOLETE Half Duplex Modem Interface 120 VAC

Production Specification

*** NOTE:This part is obsolete and no longer available when current stock is depleted.  ***
Please contact Opto 22  Pre-Sales engineers to discuss options for your specific application.

AC8 and AC8A

Power Requirements


5 VDC @ 500 mA
115 VAC ± 10 VAC @ 50 - 60 Hz

Power Consumption

0.1 amps @ 115 VAC
.06 amps @ 220 VAC

Operating Temperature Range

0 to 70 °C
95% relative humidity (non-condensing)





25-pin, D-shell female connector
4-40 screw terminals

Baud Rate

Up to 9,600 baud



Up to 50 feet
Up to 5,000 feet


Half or full duplex over two twisted pairs


Transmit, receive, RTS, CTS, DCD,
DCR, and power

Agency Approvals CE, UKCA


Optomux Half-Duplex Modem Adapter Card Data Sheet

The AC8 adapter card is a communications interface board that provides bi-directional RS-232 to half duplex RS-485/422 conversion, allowing half-duplex modems to be use with the Optomux network.

UKCA Declaration of Conformity (ATEX, EMC, LVD, RoHS)

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CE Declaration: Low Voltage

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