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Availability: Obsolete
OBSOLETE Replacement backup battery for SNAP-ENET-RTC brain

Production Specification

*** This product is obsolete and no longer available. ***

The SNAP-ENET-RTC Ethernet brain contains a battery-backed real-time clock. RTCBATT is the replacement backup battery for the brain.
Specifications are not currently available for this product.

SNAP Ethernet Brain Data Sheet

*** NOTE: These products are obsolete and no longer available. For new designs, you can use the SNAP-PAC-R1-B rack-mounted controller, which mounts on a B-series rack so you can keep your existing rack. The R1-B is substantially more powerful, can act as a controller as well as an I/O processor, and can communicate over a modem using PPP.***

With Opto 22's high-performance, flexible SNAP Ethernet brains (SNAP-B3000-ENET, SNAP-ENET-D64, SNAP-ENET-RTC) you can connect to state-of-the-art Opto 22 industrial I/O hardware using a standard TCP/IP Ethernet connection.

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