SNAP IO4AB Learning Center User's Guide

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Updated: 08/24/2009

NOTE: Due to the unavailability of essential parts, the SNAP-IO4ABLC is obsolete as of April 2022. This document will remain available on our website for customers who already own this Learning Center.

The SNAP IO4AB Learning Center User's Guide is a hands-on, learn-by-example training course developed for use with the SNAP IO4AB Learning Center (part number SNAP-IO4ABLC).

You'll learn how to configure and use implicit messaging via EtherNet/IP between an Allen-Bradley Logix controller and Opto 22’s intelligent remote SNAP I/O™. This includes setting up communications between Opto 22 intelligent remote I/O and RSLogix™ 5000, using remote I/O intelligence for counting and pulsing for a direct output, setting a communication watchdog, using an Opto 22 analog I/O modules to read scaled analog inputs and write a clamp value to an analog output, and configuring and running a distributed PID loop in the Opto 22 intelligent remote I/O.