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Updated: 10/21/2016

EDS files are not required to configure SNAP PAC Controllers and Brains for communication with Rockwell Allen-Bradley systems. However, EDS files are simple text files used by Rockwell Automation network configuration tools to help you identify products and easily commission them on a network.

The SNAP PAC EDS files are provided for Opto 22 customers using EtherNet/IP to connect SNAP PAC controllers and brains to Rockwell Allen-Bradley systems. It is important to note, however, that the information in each Opto 22 EDS file is very basic and cannot be used to configure Opto 22 I/O. This is because, unlike fixed I/O devices, a SNAP PAC Rack has configurable I/O instead, and there is an unlimited number of possible I/O configurations. In order to complete the configuration, you must use Opto 22 's EtherNet/IP Configurator.