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OBSOLETE groov Plus upgrade to Enterprise License

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Production Specification

GROOV-LIC-OPE provides the groov Enterprise license when added to an existing groov Plus license.

If you have already purchased groov Plus (GROOV-LIC-PLUS) in addition to either the groov Box appliance (GROOV-AR1-BASE) or groov Server for Windows (GROOV-SVR-WIN-BASE), this GROOV-LIC-OPE moves you up to an Enterprise license.

groov Enterprise lets you monitor, control, and share data with all kinds of OPC UA-compatible systems and equipment, plus the multiple Modbus/TCP devices, Data Stores, Opto 22 SNAP PAC controllers, and SNAP PAC I/O units you are already using in your groov View interface.

groov Enterprise links you to a wide variety of industrial automation, building automation, energy management, and other systems. An OPC-UA server is required. You can use either the built-in Ignition Edge OPC-UA server in the groov Box, or an external server such as Kepware Technologies' KEPServerEX

For more information on groov, see groov System.

Compare groov licenses.

*** NOTE: This product is obsolete as of May 18, 2018. To obtain a license to communicate with OPC UA-compatible systems and equipment, purchase a groov Enterprise license (GROOV-LIC-ENT). ***

An OPC UA server is required to communicate with OPC UA-compatible systems and equipment. You can use either the built-in Ignition Edge OPC-UA server in the groov Box or an external server. For an external server, we recommend Kepware Technologies' KEPServerEX.

NOTE: When activating your groov, activate the Box or Server first, and then activate the license.

groov Admin Readme Notes

Latest Readme for groov Admin. Includes information on new features, enhancements, and bug fixes. To get the latest groov updates, go to

Opto 22 announces relationship with Dell to develop and deploy Internet of Things (IoT) applications

Opto 22 announces relationship with Dell to develop and deploy Internet of Things (IoT) applications. Automation manufacturer Opto 22 and Dell join forces to bridge the gap between existing industrial assets and infrastructure, and the digital world of mobile, cloud, and information technology.

Application Brief: Plummer's Environmental Services

Industrial services company Plummer's Environmental Services collects, treats, and disposes of thousands of gallons of liquid waste. Opto 22 SNAP PAC and groov products help make it happen.

Application Brief: Wind Farm Energy Management

Thirty-year-old wind turbines enter the 21st Century with a new energy management system from California-based integrator SCADA Solutions.

Watch the SCADA Solutions Case Study video for more information.

groov Maintenance Technical Note

What is groov maintenance, what happens when it expires, and how do you renew it? This technical note answers all your questions about groov maintenance.

Opto 22 Mobile Apps for Automation

Opto 22 offers two types of mobile apps for use in automation:

- Diagnostic and commissioning apps for Opto 22 SNAP I/O and SNAP PAC Systems: Opto iPAC and Opto aPAC.

- Monitoring and controlling apps for almost any automation system or equipment from any manufacturer, including Opto 22 SNAP PAC Systems: groov View for iOS and groov View for Android.

This technical note compares these two types of apps and describes the best ways to use each.

KEPServerEX Settings for groov Technical Note

This technical note provides Opto 22’s recommended settings in the KEPServerEX communication platform for successful communication with groov.

Using Commercial Off-the-Shelf Mobile Devices in Industrial Automation

"Russian Roulette" or the "New Normal"?

Automation engineers heatedly debate the pros and cons of using standard COTS smartphones and tablets in industrial settings. Meanwhile, industry analysts like Gartner and ARC Advisory Group forecast tremendous growth in BYOD (bring your own device) usage.

Are there reasons to use off-the-shelf mobile devices in industrial automation? What are the advantages and disadvantages, and what do you need to think about before moving ahead? This white paper discusses environmental, safety, security, connectivity, and other factors to consider and includes specific advice for choosing device types suited to your industrial application.

Setting Up groov Mobile Apps Technical Note

Opto 22's free groov View apps for iOS and Android allow you to use View for one or more groovs on your smartphone or tablet in full-screen mode without the address bar, toolbars, and other things you see in a browser. To get a groov View app for your mobile device, go to your app store and search for “groov View.”

This technical note describes how to set up the groov App on your mobile device.

Ignition Settings for groov Technical Note

NOTE: If you are using the internal Ignition Edge OPC-UA server and drivers in the groov Box, do not use the instructions in this technical note. See the groov Box User's Guide instead.

This short technical note provides Opto 22’s recommended settings in Inductive Automation's Ignition OPC-UA Server for successful communication with groov.

Building an HMI that Works: New Best Practices for Operator Interface Design

Human Machine Interfaces (HMIs) are requiring a new standard in today’s automation industry. This white paper takes a look at the industry's new best practices for building an effective HMI. You'll find out what's wrong with most HMIs and why, see some of the research behind those that work, and learn specific ways to make yours better.

Whether you're starting an HMI from scratch or thinking about adding to or changing yours, the information in this paper will help you build an HMI that increases productivity, saves downtime, and avoids accidents.

groov Demo

A fully-configured groov project demonstrating how to build and use both simple and complex gadgets.

In the demo you’ll see how to:
• Show the value from a temperature sensor in the submersible James Cameron used to explore the bottom of the Marianas Trench
• Control a tank level and an auger in a brewery
• Trend electrical demand data for a wind farm

We’ll also look at some more complex capabilities, like these:
• Show a rotating graphic in your interface, like a compass
• Show machinery states with animated GIFs, like the turbines at the wind farm
• Indicate changes with multiple images, like the fermenter’s tank level in the brewery

Video: Getting graphics from the SVG Library

Learn how to use the SVG graphics from groov to make your own custom graphics for your groov project.

Playlist: groov

Learn how to easily build mobile operator interfaces for all your automation systems with groov with this playlist. See International videos/playlists for foreign language groov videos.

Demo: SVG Image Library

Learn how to select, modify, and download an image from our free library, with manufacturing, processing, field devices, HVAC, flow, transportation, and many other images.