Are your older Opto 22 mistic and G4 systems still reliably chugging along? Even though everything's still working well, are you wishing you had access to Ethernet, or more I/O in the same cabinet space, or the ability to store more data?

If you're wanting more, take a look at migrating to the SNAP PAC System.

Gain memory, density, speed, and network flexibility.
Maintain your investment in I/O, sensors and actuators, and field wiring.


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Where are you starting from?

Cyrano — The first flowchart-based control language, introduced in 1988! Cyrano ran on the MS-DOS operating system, and was designed for the first mistic controllers like the G4LC32 series. For migration information, see the Cyrano to OptoControl Technical Note.

FactoryFloor — Released in 1996, FactoryFloor was a complete automation software suite for Microsoft Windows operating systems. FactoryFloor was bundled with control software OptoControl, HMI development package OptoDisplay, and included an OPC server and database integration tool. Later, Ethernet networking was added via a plug-in adapter card for the LCM4 and other M4 controllers, such as the M4RTU. See migration information in the FactoryFloor to PAC Project Migration Technical Note.

ioProject — Introduced in 2001 and designed for our first Ethernet-based controller, SNAP Ultimate I/O, ioProject was re-written from the ground up to offer all that FactoryFloor did with expansion for the future. ioProject is the predecessor to today's PAC Project software suite, released in 2007. See the SNAP PAC System Migration Technical Note for more information.

Where are you going?

Check out the SNAP PAC SystemThe SNAP PAC System is your goal. Developed in 2007, it's an integrated system of hardware and software that makes your job easier.

The SNAP PAC System's PAC Project Professional Software Suite, SNAP PAC programmable automation controllers, and SNAP I/O offer all of this:

  • Control programming, HMI development and runtime, OPC communication, two-way database connectivity, and a software-based PAC for PC-based control
  • Powerful, compact Ethernet-based standalone and rack-mounted industrial programmable automation controllers (PACs)
  • Two Ethernet network interfaces on PACs and brains
  • Ethernet and serial I/O units in the same system under one controller
  • High-density I/O packaging with up to 512 I/O points on one rack
  • One brain processing analog, digital, and serial I/O on the same rack, in any position
  • Distributed intelligence, including PID loop control at the I/O level
  • Native communication with Allen-Bradley Logix systems and Modbus/TCP systems
  • IIoT and developer tools (RESTful API and Node-RED nodes) built into PACs
  • MicroSD card slots for up to 32 GB removable data storage
  • Optional wireless 802.11a, b, and g communication with WPA2/AES security

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How do you get there?

Start by reading the migration document that matches your current system:

Also see the Legacy and Product Comparison Chart for details on which products work together.

Many customers migrate by replacing their mistic controller with a SNAP-PAC-S2 controller and moving from FactoryFloor to PAC Project Professional (the Pro version is required for migration). This way their existing I/O remains intact, and they can add new SNAP PAC brains and SNAP I/O where needed for newer features.

If you're using PAC Project Pro with legacy I/O units, make sure you use the legacy versions of the PAC Project user's guides:

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Learning from Others

Check out these case studies:

Malisko Engineering—Advanced Energy knew they could realize major improvements in performance and gain other advantages by moving from their G4LC32 controller to the new SNAP PAC System hardware. OptoPartner Malisko helped them do it.

Ballarat Health Services—Ballarat was using mistic and SNAP Ethernet I/O. They upgraded to the SNAP PAC System for greater throughput and its dual Ethernet ports, which can be used for network segmenting.

U.S. Bureau of Reclamation—The Bureau re-examined their installed Opto 22 mistic control platform with multiple G4LC32 controllers and opted to upgrade to the more advanced SNAP PAC System.


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Get started today!

OptoPartner's are here to help!Find an OptoPartner in your region for help in planning and installing your upgrades. Many OptoPartners have years of experience with both our legacy and new products. Look for a partner who knows migration and your industry.

As always, feel free to call our pre-sales engineers with any questions. We're here to help.

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