Using the SNAP PAC REST API with Excel

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Updated: 08/24/2017

This document (included in OptoTutorial 2229) provides the instructions to create a Microsoft Excel® worksheet with Visual Basic® for Applications (VBA) macros that:

  • Read and write to input and output points via the SNAP PAC REST API
  • Parse JSON text strings
  • Check for input and return errors
  • Collect data on an automated interval and display it in an Excel chart
For more tips, help, and code samples, visit the Opto 22 Developer’s portal at

This tutorial is based on the hardware and software that come with a SNAP PAC Learning Center (part number SNAP-PACLC). NOTE: Due to the unavailability of essential parts, the SNAP-PACLC is obsolete as of April 2022. This document will remain available on our website for customers who already own a SNAP PAC Learning Center.

If you don’t have a Learning Center but you’re comfortable using PAC Manager™ and PAC Control™, you can modify the instructions to work with your own Opto 22 devices.

You’ll need: