Pulse Energy Quick Start

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Version: 1.0a
Updated: 01/16/2012

Pulse Energy is an online service you can use to view data about your electrical energy usage. Support for Pulse Energy is integrated into the OptoEMU Sensor™; however, if you are not using the Sensor but acquiring energy data using the SNAP PAC System, you can still see that data through Pulse Energy.

This sample chart shows you how to move data from PAC Control into Pulse. Import the included chart into your PAC Control strategy to make integration with a Pulse Energy account easier. The included technical note, form 1992, shows you how to configure a Pulse Energy account and use the chart to visualize your monitored energy values.

Requires a SNAP PAC controller and PAC Control version 9.0 or newer.

To collect energy data, use SNAP power monitoring modules.

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