Security Certificates

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Version: R2.0
Updated: 05/05/2022

Current security certificates are embedded in the firmware for Opto 22 products. If you are using recent firmware or can update your device to current firmware, you do not need any of these certificates. If you cannot update firmware, then you can apply a certificate from this zip file as needed.

Before you download, read the Legal Agreement.

This zip file contains the following certificates:

  • DigiCert High Assurance EV Root CA (DigiCert.der) - Valid from 11/9/2006 to 11/9/2031
  • GeoTrust Primary Certification Authority (GeoTrustPCS.crt) - Valid from 11/26/2006 to 7/16/2036
  • GlobalSign Root CA (GSR1.crt) - Valid from 9/1/1998 to 1/28/2028
  • GTS Root R1 (gtsr1.der) - Valid from 6/21/2016 to 6/21/2036
  • GTS Root R2 (gtsr2.der) - Valid from 6/21/2016 to 6/21/2036
Certificate installation instructions are located here: Background information

A valid security certificate may be required by mail servers to allow you to send emails from your Opto 22 products, for example, through: 
  • a PAC Control strategy running on a groov EPIC or SNAP PAC controller
  • a groov View HMI sending event notifications
  • a Node-RED flow on groov RIO or groov EPIC
Valid security certificates may also be required by other services you may be using via software on your Opto 22 device (for example, using Node-RED to move data in and out of Google Sheets).

All providers of email or other services update their security certificates from time to time. When that happens, your email or other service will stop working until you either install a new certificate or update firmware that contains the new certificate. Make sure you set up error handling procedures or other ways to verify that services are working. 

Opto 22 updates certificates as soon as we know about new ones. If you see a security error (for example, -2104 in PAC Control) or have some other indication of a certificate issue, be sure to check for new firmware or download this zip file. If you need help, contact Opto 22 Product Support.