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groov discrete modules occasionally report unusually large frequency measurements
Knowledge Base - KB90549 - Published:
This issue occurs on channels configured with the continuous frequency feature. Occasionally, the module reports an unusually large value that persists for one measurement scan, typically no more than...more
Getting Started with Repositories and Python on groov EPIC & RIO
Videos - Published:
This video takes a deeper dive into using Secure Shell Access (SSH) along with custom Python programming packages with your groov devices. Although your host, Terry Orchard, will be demonstrating on a...more
Getting Started with groov EPIC & RIO Secure Shell (SSH)
Videos - Published:
If you use C/C++, Python, Java, or other languages, you can use what you already know to build custom applications and run them on the groov EPIC processor or groov RIO edge...more
OptoDataLink projects configured with SQL Server 2012 - 2014 display blank area in Configurator
Knowledge Base - KB90536 - Published:
If you have an OptoDataLink project that has entries with a Database Type of SQL Server 2012 - 2014 and the project configuration file was created with a version of OptoDataLink earlier than R10.5a, when...more
OptoDataLink links may fail to start
Knowledge Base - KB90520 - Published:
In OptoDataLink, you may observe that your links won't start. This behavior occurs whether you save (click File > Save) and then run the links (click Run > Start all links), or click the Save and Start All Links button.
"Averaging Filter Weight" checkbox not checked when upgrading strategy that has "Set Value" checked
Knowledge Base - KB90529 - Published:
If you have a pre-R10.5a strategy that contains analog inputs where the Send Value checkbox is checked and a value is specified for Average Filter Weight, when you open that strategy in PAC Control R10...more
Downloading strategy with E2 I/O unit returns -60 error
Knowledge Base - KB90528 - Published:
If your strategy has an E2 I/O unit where you configured the analog input points with Offset and Gain through the Add/Set Analog Point window, when you download the strategy, PAC Control returns a -60 (empty stack) error.
groov RIO EMU Brochure
Documents - 2398 - Published:
This brochure highlights some of the features of Opto 22's groov RIO Energy Monitoring Unit (EMU) (part number GRV-R7-I1VPAM-3). It lists a variety of use cases, summarizes how to include...more
groov RIO Brochure
Documents - 2397 - Published:
This brochure explores Opto 22's groov RIO Universal I/O product line. The brochure describes the module's connectivity & configuration options, software capabilities, security...more
groov EPIC Brochure
Documents - 2396 - Published:
It’s not a PLC. It’s not a PAC. It’s not a PC. It’s an Edge Programmable Industrial Controller (EPIC), and the acronym says it all. This brochure explores all of Opto 22's groov EPIC product line.
Case Study: Farm Data Systems and Azcal Management
Documents - 2395 - Published:
View in html In drought-prone California, farmers walk a fine line on water use. Water costs, government regulations, and concern for future water availability all affect how crops are...more
Strategy with imported .otg file causes -128 error
Knowledge Base - KB90459 - Published:
You attempt to open the strategy that has a recently imported .otg file and it reports error -128: "Invalid character in Channel name. Valid characters are letters, numbers, and underscore. The first letter must be alphabetic."
groov EPIC unresponsive
Knowledge Base - KB90447 - Published:
You may have this issue if  you can't connect to your groov EPIC from your browser., get no response from the groov EPIC's touch screen, and the LEDs on all of some of the I/O modules are red.
OPC UA Quick Start Tutorial
Videos - Published:
This video shows you how to set up an OPC UA server on groov RIO to accept connections from OPC UA clients and request groov data.