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Node-RED: Exchange Serial Modbus Data with A-B PLC
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This video shows you how to use Node-RED and Ignition Edge on a groov Edge Appliance to exchange data between a Wattnode serial Modbus energy meter and an Allen-Bradley CompactLogix PLC.
groov your Modbus
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Learn how to use groov to view and control your Modbus TCP devices from your mobile device or PC web browser.
Activate your groov EPIC PR1 Processor
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This video walks you through the steps needed to activate your groov EPIC PR1 Controller. Activation allows you to get future software updates, receive automatic notifications, future firmware updates, and fully activates groov View.
groov EPIC I/O Module LED Indicators
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In this groov workshop video, you'll learn about the groov EPIC I/O module LED indicators, what they mean and how they help simplify your industrial automation projects.