Build and view operator interfaces to monitor and manage your system from any device.


groov View operator interface

From pumps and processes to production data to the weather, your world is full of things you need to control, view, or monitor.

With browser-based groov View, you can easily build an operator interface to see and interact with exactly what you need. groov View is included with groov EPIC and groov Server for Windows.

Authorized users can view your groov View HMI on their computers and mobile devices for remote monitoring and control. They can also see the same HMI on your groov EPIC processor’s high-resolution color touchscreen, or on an HDMI monitor connected to the EPIC.

Show data from sensors and automation systems, cloud applications, databases, web services, and more. Put the data and controls from different sources together in the way that makes sense for your application and your users.

Because you develop the interface yourself, your HMI includes only what you need—and everything you need.
  • Start small. It’s easy to add another indicator or control if you find you want it.
  • Keep it simple. If your interface is used on computers or web-enabled TVs and on phones, choose which gadgets to show on each.
  • Include what’s important. Mix data and controls from any manufacturer or software maker on the same page, as needed.
  • Give your authorized users access only to screens they should see. An operator may need to control part of a process, while a manager may only need production data.

groov View Compatibility

  • Computers: You can build and view your groov View interface on any Microsoft Windows, Mac, or Linux computer with a web browser. See the groov View Readme for details on supported browsers.
  • Phones and Tablets: groov View works on any smartphone and any tablet with a web browser. Minimum operating system for Android, 4.0.1 (Ice Cream Sandwich); for iOS, 6.1; for Surface, Windows 8.
For more information about groov View to help you get started, see Resources for groov View, below.

Suddenly, visualizing data is simple.


groov View on a tablet"Our operators and users LOVE this system as they monitor it remotely all the time. Our systems text or email operators when there is a problem, and the operators can start/stop samples, or whatever they choose. groov has been one of the best options we have purchased."

-William Jacob, Group Leader, Amalgamated Research LLC

Additional Resources for groov View

​If needed for your application, you can also access groov View project data and Data Store tag values using the REST API. For more information, see groov View REST API on

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