Build simple flows to move data to and from databases, cloud applications, and APIs.

Included in groov EPIC and groov RIO is Node-RED, an open-source software program you can use to wire together devices, databases, cloud applications, and APIs (application program interfaces) with simple logic flows.

Many people use Node-RED for Internet of Things (IoT) applications. Node-RED provides engineers with an easy way to connect edge computing systems, such as industrial automation controllers and edge I/O, to cloud services such as Amazon Web Services™ (AWS) IoT, IBM Watson IoT™, and Microsoft® Azure®.

In Node-RED you connect prebuilt nodes (provided by device manufacturers or software developers) together to make a flow. The flow provides the logic to accomplish your goal. You can also add function nodes containing JavaScript. 

Because Node-RED is a general-purpose programming environment, you have the freedom to create the flows you like using any nodes you choose. Opto 22 groov I/O nodes, PAC Control nodes (for groov EPIC processors and SNAP PAC controllers), groov View Data Store nodes, and a wide variety of other nodes are easy to install.

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