Program your groov EPIC with easy-to-use flowchart-based automation software with optional scripting.

Here’s another great option for programming groov EPIC: PAC Control, part of Opto 22’s PAC Project automation suite. Used for years in applications worldwide, PAC Control is a field-proven tool for developing control programs.

PAC Control uses a comprehensive, plain-English command set, which includes commands for analog process and digital sequential control, complex math, conditional branching, string handling, serial device control, PID loop control, and other complex functions. PAC Control is based on flowcharts, which offer a more intuitive alternative to ladder logic programming, and it also offers an optional advanced scripting language similar to C or Pascal. PAC Control includes subroutines, a graphical debugger, and a graphical PID control loop tuner. 

The database of I/O points, variables, and other data elements you create in PAC Control becomes the single tagname database also used by PAC Display and groov View. Because this database is automatically available for HMI programming, you save significant development time. 

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