Configure, commission, and troubleshoot your EPIC controller, I/O, and networking with groov Manage. Use it locally on the EPIC processor's high-resolution touchscreen, or on your computer, smartphone, or tablet.
Program your groov EPIC with easy-to-use automation software PAC Control. Flowchart-based with optional scripting, PAC Control has 500+ plain-English commands for process control, remote monitoring, and more.
Or program your groov EPIC for industrial control and monitoring using any familiar IEC 61131-3 compliant language and the CODESYS Development System. Mix languages as needed for your application.
Build and view operator interfaces to monitor and manage your system from any device with a web browser, from a smartphone to an HDTV. No tag or user limits; user authentication and data encryption; trends, events, and notifications.
Extend the Ignition Platform to the edge of your network with Ignition Edge®, a product of Inductive Automation®. Includes drivers to Allen-Bradley®, Siemens®, and Modbus®/TCP devices.
Improve communications efficiency and reduce reliance on IT with MQTT/Sparkplug. IIoT project implementation is simpler using a publish/subscribe architecture.
Build simple flows to move data to and from databases, cloud applications, and APIs using Node-RED. Leverage a large library of more than 600 pre-built nodes to process data.
Build your own custom applications using languages you know like Python, C/C++, and others, and run them on an open, Linux®-based automation system.