groov EPIC Software Architecture

groov Manage is the browser-based groov EPIC system management application. Used locally on the EPIC processor's high-resolution touchscreen, or on your computer, smartphone, or tablet, groov Manage is your central command to your groov EPIC system, helping you configure, troubleshoot, and commission your controller, I/O modules, and network interfaces.
Use groov View to build and view operator interfaces to monitor and manage your system from any authorized device with a web browser, from a smartphone to an HDTV. User authentication and data encryption keep systems secure, while you enjoy drag-drop-tag construction with no tag or user limits. groov View includes trends, events, and user notifications.
PAC Control, part of the PAC Project Software Suite, is an intuitive tool for programming industrial automation, process control, remote monitoring, data acquisition, and industrial internet of things (IIoT) applications. Flowchart-based with optional scripting, PAC Control lets you create and debug control programs and then download and run them on a groov EPIC processor.
A product of Inductive Automation®, Ignition Edge® extends the Ignition Platform to the edge of your network. Ignition Edge includes drivers to Allen-Bradley, Siemens, and Modbus/TCP devices, eliminating the cost and complexity of commissioning and maintaining a Microsoft® Windows®-based OPC UA server for translating PLC and device data for use with groov View and MQTT. Optional modules for Enterprise Administration Module and Edge Panel are available.
MQTT is a secure, bi-directional, lightweight event- and message-oriented transport protocol with a publish/subscribe architecture. This architecture decouples devices from applications, improving communications efficiency and reducing reliance on traditional IT networking resources. Sparkplug is an MQTT-based payload definition for industrial applications that greatly simplifies implementation by defining topic namespaces and payload, and managing the state of devices in the field.
Node-RED is an open-source, multi-platform IoT development tool for building simple data flows to wire together databases, cloud applications, and APIs. Built on the popular Node.js JavaScript runtime, Node-RED benefits from a large Node-RED library containing over 600 prebuilt nodes, allowing IIoT application developers to leverage existing software code and deploy it directly into their applications.