Extend the Ignition Platform to the edge of your network and connect popular PLC systems.

Two products from Inductive Automation® are available in groov EPIC: full Ignition or Ignition Edge®. The groov Box includes Ignition Edge. Both Inductive Automation products give you two key connectivity pieces for your IIoT applications, OPC UA and MQTT with Sparkplug or strings payload.

Full Ignition also adds external access to the OPC-UA server, scripting, database support, and a wide array of Ignition modules. 


Available with Ignition and Ignition Edge in groov EPIC are an internal OPC-UA server and drivers for some of the most popular automation PLCs and devices: Allen-Bradley®, Siemens®, and Modbus®, as well as Opto 22 groov EPICs and SNAP PACs. With full Ignition, you can also access the server from external sources.

That means you do not have to buy, configure, and maintain an industrial PC in order to view and act on data from these systems. Because groov EPIC is built for industrial use, you can place it where you need it—in harsh environments or remote locations—and have the tools you need right there.

The following OPC-UA drivers are included:
  • Allen-Bradley PLCs:
    • Logix
    • SLC
    • PLC-5®
    • MicroLogix™      
  • Siemens PLCs:
    • S7-300
    • S7-400
    • S7-1200
    • S7-1500                
  • Modbus/TCP devices
  • Devices that support Modbus RTU over TCP
  • Other drivers you have purchased


Also available with Ignition and Ignition Edge is an MQTT Transmission module. MQTT (Message Queue Telemetry Transport) is a publish-subscribe (pub-sub) protocol that’s suited to many IIoT applications because of its architecture.

With MQTT in groov EPIC, you can use a strings payload or the Sparkplug payload specification. Sparkplug defines the messages that move over MQTT and verifies that data from remote devices and applications is current and valid. 

With both OPC UA and MQTT, you can move data to and from A-B, Siemens, Modbus, and Opto 22 systems in a non-intrusive way, without requiring an industrial PC, additional firewalls, or expensive network connections.

When you run Ignition on the groov EPIC, you can avoid the expense and maintenance of a PC at the edge. 

Check out the two-hour free trial in groov EPIC. Then for continued use:
  • For Ignition Edge, purchase an Ignition Edge license (GROOV-LIC-EDGE).
  • For full Ignition, contact our Pre-Sales team for details on the full license.

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