SNAP High-Density Digital Modules Data Sheet

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Updated: 04/23/2024

SNAP I/O high-density digital modules from Opto 22 provide 16 or 32 digital input or output points in one compact SNAP module. These modules are ideal for OEMs and others who have high point-count applications, or for anyone requiring more than 64 digital points on a single SNAP PAC rack. The high-density configuration reduces per-point costs of digital I/O systems by providing up to eight times as many I/O points in the same space.

SNAP high-density digital modules are part of the SNAP PAC System. They can also be used as part of intelligent remote I/O with an Allen-Bradley Logix PLC system. HDD modules require a SNAP PAC R-series controller or a SNAP PAC brain for I/O processing.

This data sheet covers the following modules:

The data sheet also covers the following accessories used with SNAP HDD modules: