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I/O unit's Inspect window incorrectly reports channel quality as good for missing module
Knowledge Base - KB88391 - Published:
Channel configured in a PAC Control strategy but module is not installed on the chassis should show 'Bad' in the Points [Detailed] tab of the I/O unit's Inspect window. It incorrectly shows Good.
PAC Display Configurator: Graphic Dynamic Attributes lets you select Fixed data Toggle when source is Prompt for data
Knowledge Base - KB88311 - Published:
In PAC Display Configurator's Graphic Dynamic Attributes dialog box, you can choose from two source options: fixed data and prompt for data. If you choose Prompt for data, the dialog box still allows you to select the Fixed Data Toggle button.
PAC Display Configurator: Recipe Upload/Download buttons grayed out when creating recipe file
Knowledge Base - KB88305 - Published:
When you're configuring a recipe in PAC Display Configurator, in the Tools > Create Recipe File dialog box, the Upload and Download buttons may be grayed out and can't be clicked. 
System Update: Upload progress bar stops; banner turns red
Knowledge Base - KB88069 - Published:
During the Upload step of a system update (from groov Manage Home page, click Maintenance > Update), the progress bar will stop and the groov Manage title bar (in the background) will turn red. No error message is displayed.
PID mode in IVAL tab may be incorrect
Knowledge Base - KB88229 - Published:
In PAC Control Debug mode, on the IVAL tab of the View PID Loop dialog, the PID mode may be inaccurate (for example, auto instead of manual). The PID loop is running as expected and the PID mode is displayed correctly everywhere else.
Controller returns Status Code of -443 or -20 for HTTP Status Code of 204
Knowledge Base - KB88265 - Published:
If you run an HTTP Post from String table command with an empty body, the PAC Controller should return a Status Code of 0 because the HTTP Status Code for an empty body is 204, which is a valid response. However, the Status Code returned is -20 or -443.