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PID Output Remains Invalid (QNAN)
Knowledge Base - KB89407 - Published:
In some situations, if the PID Input goes to "Invalid Value" (QNAN), the PID Output will also go to and remain stuck at "Invalid Value" (QNAN) even if the PID Input returns to normal, which is incorrect behavior.
Certificates Invalidated/Certificate Store Unusable After Binary DER Certificate Uploaded
Knowledge Base - KB89171 - Published:
After you upload a binary DER certificate, you may observe that certificate validations fail. You may see this behavior even if you attempt to validate any type of certificate previously uploaded to the certificate store.
PAC Controller May Become Unresponsive During Downloads
Knowledge Base - KB89198 - Published:
While extremely unlikely, the PAC controller on a GRV-EPIC-PR1 may become unresponsive and require a reset when downloading a strategy to the controller or when downloading a "Download After" file.
PAC REST API May Time Out When Reading a Range of String Table Entries
Knowledge Base - KB89183 - Published:
When you use the readStringTable PAC REST API endpoint on a GRV-EPIC-PR1 (for example, https://<your-PR1-Hostname>/api/v1/device/strategy/tables/strings/strTable), the request may time...more
Signing out of groov Manage in One Tab Does Not Sign Out of All Tabs
Knowledge Base - KB89168 - Published:
If you have groov Manage open in multiple browser tabs or windows for one GRV-EPIC-PR1, logging out of one of those tabs may not log you out of all of the other tabs. This may be more...more
Persistent Float Variables are Reset When Using Background Downloading
Knowledge Base - KB89149 - Published:
When Background Downloading is enabled (from the groov Manage Home page, click Controller > PAC Controller > Configuration), the values of persistent variables should be saved. However...more
Subroutine Variable with Same Name and Type as Global Variable May Cause Control Engine Reset
Knowledge Base - KB89147 - Published:
In PAC Control Debug mode, you may observe a controller timeout error message (indicating a possible PAC Control engine reset) when stepping through a subroutine in a strategy where the subroutine...more
No Historic Queuing When Primary Application ID is Not Set
Knowledge Base - KB89227 - Published:
If you do not specify a Primary Host ID (from the groov Manage Home page, click MQTT > Configuration, then select MQTT with Sparkplug Payloads as the MQTT Payload), groov EPIC may not save topics...more
Generic MMP Page Does not Flag Invalid Hexadecimal Value and Displays Empty Error Messages
Knowledge Base - KB89126 - Published:
In the groov Manage Generic MMP page, if you select Hexadecimal as the Format, then enter an invalid value (a value that does not fit within the selected data type's range), groov Manage...more
Default Scaling for Analog Channels Not Set Correctly
Knowledge Base - KB89111 - Published:
You may see that the values of an analog input channel are incorrect after you do the following tasks in PAC Control: change the scaling, download and run the strategy, change scaling back to defaults, then download and run the strategy again.
Output of TPO with Percentage (Duty Cycle) Above 100% is Not Constantly On
Knowledge Base - KB88826 - Published:
You may observe that a TPO digital output point turns off and remains off (or turns off after a short delay and occasionally turns on briefly before turning back off) during certains circumstances where it should not behave that way.