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groov EPIC module LED may be red and module may not show up in groov Manage
Knowledge Base - KB88865 - Published:
If the LEDs for 1 or 2 modules on a groov EPIC chassis are red or the modules do not appear in groov Manage, you may be running into this issue. This issue does not affect simple modules (discrete groov I/O modules that provide on/off status only).
GRV-EPIC-PR1 may lock up while running certain Node-RED nodes
Knowledge Base - KB88892 - Published:
You may observe lock-up symptoms like the following: GRV-EPIC-PR1 is unresponsive. The LEDs on groov I/O modules all turn red. Ethernet communication ceases. If the groov EPIC...more
PAC Control Debug mode: View I/O Unit displays data for empty positions
Knowledge Base - KB88889 - Published:
In PAC Control Debug mode, the View I/O Unit dialog box displays data for empty positions; the data appears in the Points Detail tab and the Points Compact tab. (Empty slots should contain no data.) This...more
"Send Email with Attachments" command may not send attachment
Knowledge Base - KB88872 - Published:
When using the PAC Control command “Send Email with Attachments” in a strategy running on a GRV-EPIC-PR1, if you use the “~/” path shortcut as part of the location of the attachment, the attachment will not be sent.
GRV-EPIC-PR1 may use additional network bandwidth
Knowledge Base - KB88756 - Published:
When using OptoMMP with Sparkplug-B payload, the MQTT service consumes additional network data bandwidth. There should be a Sparkplug publication only when data changes. With this issue, when there...more
Writing NaN (Not A Number float value) to analog output is not ignored
Knowledge Base - KB88780 - Published:
Writing NaN (Not A Number float value) to an analog output should be ignored. However, this issue causes the following: In PAC Control, when you read the analog output, you'll see 1.#QNAN. In...more
PAC Display Runtime crashes when quickly clicking on different buttons
Knowledge Base - KB88739 - Published:
If your PAC Display project has a page with several buttons configured with pop-up windows, quickly clicking on those buttons causes Runtime to crash, displaying a message that it needs to terminate.
PAC Control Engine becomes disabled when VPN is enabled
Knowledge Base - KB88700 - Published:
With PAC Control Engine running a control strategy on an EPIC PR1, enabling the VPN will cause it to stop responding. Disabling the VPN is the only way to get the PAC Control Engine running again.
Can't open groov View, groov Manage, or groov Admin from Chrome browser on macOS or iOS
Knowledge Base - KB88673 - Published:
When you use the Chrome browser on macOS 10.15 (or newer) or iOS 13 (or newer) to access groov Manage, groov View or groov Admin configured with a self-signed certificate, you receive the "Your...more